Quick Response Codes
QR Codes 101

Quick Response Codes... your just starting to see them everywhere now! The trend is set, and companies are using it to their full advantage.

Our phones and tablets can all scan products and billboards with QR Codes on them to gain instant access to more information. This is an incredible inlet of traffic to your website - spawned by a QR code on your product, sign, car, airplane, t-shirt etc...

Not only have they seen your product or ad, but they bothered to quickly scan in the code to find out more. This is one of the newest golden opportunities you'll need to boost your targeted traffic.

You can have a QR code go to a particular website page, to your You Tube video, to your Facebook page, to your phone number and contact information, or even to your Pay Pal Buy Now link so that a person can order things almost instantly.

Allow your customers to make a Quick Response... incorporate this into your marketing. Creation of your QR code is completely free and will positively affect your bottom line! Use it as a gift from us as thanks for visiting our website today.

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